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Healthy & Affordable is a project founded in 2013 which aims to reduce the amount of food being wasted in Amsterdam, and the Netherlands. As such, it aspires to become a social business through scaling up and creating more impact.


The great changemakers at H&Aff collect food which is no longer wanted by consumers, because of its shape, size, defects, wrinkles, etc, but is still nutritious and good to eat. We then process it in different ways such as drying, freezing, or pickling, so it could be stored and sold, preventing it from being wasted, reviving it to be a consumable product again, just in a different form.

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For active food waste organisations in the Netherlands, unity is very important, an individual fight is all the harder to hold on to.


We at Food Circle aim to bring an end to food waste. How?

By keeping the fight alive. We have created a network between the food waste organisations that have never existed before, and by doing so, we can make a bigger difference together.


Food Circle serves more or less as a beehive orchestrater,

it coordinates the needs and strengths of each organisation,

so that all the bees can benefit from each others' hard work

and achievements without losing their individual input and character.


Aside from connecting and coordinating the network, we focus

on each organisation's visible goal, and what exactly it needs

to do to reach its full potential. How? By offering professional help through interns in different fields, giving access to many workshops and events that focus on solving their problems and overcoming challenges.


More specifically, you can find out more about how we can help here.


We wish to be the extra lent hands that can help you in an emergency or where you just don't have the manpower. And as we grow with each organisation that joins this network, we will learn how to help more efficiently.


Our end goal is all the same: to bring an end to food waste.

And together we are stronger!

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Oview is the consultancy part of Sapient SEE, which is meant to support organizations in Knowledge coordination and with environmental & social  aspects of their work. The main focus at the moment is to support small businesses with the accumulation of know-how and expertise and the retention and transfer of this knowledge, spreading it to where it is necessary within the organisation and giving possibility for extensive feedback and therefore consecutive possibility for improvements. Oview advises and builds the tools necessary for better knowledge coordination in organizations, therefore allowing them to be more efficient and resilient.


Our ambition is to help organizations in more aspects than just knowledge coordination. We are researching and preparing frameworks to support democratization and sustainability efforts within companies. Our comprehensive, research-based approaches will allow you to use concrete tools to make changes that get absorbed in the company culture, leading you to have a better impact on people, within and outside of your organisation, and better preserve the environment and the planet, for future generations to come.


In short, we can help you with the many organizational challenges you might be facing: training processes, meeting structures, information sharing, accountability enhancing and so on. We rely on open discussions with the actors involved to get the information we need, so as to suggest the best tool/s for your organization. Do not hesitate to contact us to schedule a first meeting and talk about the challenges Oview could help you solve.

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SapientNRG is the engineering projects branch of Sapient. It strives for sustainability, which means that it tackles renewable energy, waste management, pollution, transportation and infrastructure. Despite

the damage the world has endured over the past century, the effects

are not irreversible; we want to change the momentum towards a clean high-tech world. Unique, innovative and intricate projects will, alongside other companies, engineers, and the government, push towards

a much greener future.


Based in Amsterdam, one of the most innovative and international cities worldwide, it is on the fast track lane towards making the Netherlands

and the world, cleaner, more efficient, and more sustainable.


Our team is made of international members, each with the same dream:

to create beneficial new technology.


We are currently working on the MagneticGen, a power bank that can harness the vibrations deflected onto it and transform this mechanical energy into an electrical one. Its field of use is wide, with so many undervalued vibrations around us, it will be an asset to the Dutch renewable energy empire.

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Amsterdam West residents, we need you!

You can decide how 300,000 euros will be invested in Amsterdam West.

District Ams’ West thinks it is important for its residents to take part in choosing plans which are sponsored by the municipality. Because you know what your neighbourhood and surroundings really need. 


Thanks to West Budgets, the residents of Westerpark, Bos & Lommer, Oud-West and De Baarsjes were able to send their plans which could improve the quality of life in their and your neighbourhood.

This voting process is very important; it exercises our democratic rights to spend the money of our own taxes. Especially these days, when budgets are tighter, communities are less connected, and our environment is in jeopardy. Therefore, more than ever, we need you to support the projects which can make the necessary changes to a better future for all of us. 

The city’s suggestions for this year’s project topics are Green & Sustainability, Poverty & Loneliness Reduction, and Arts & Culture


So how do we fit into this?

Sapient is a project oriented social business, localized in your neighbourhood, tackling sustainable development goals through different projects. We are a team of enthusiastic and inspired individuals with a common passion for creating a better future. The first step to do so is to create awareness towards the issues we are currently facing.


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Makesense is an open project built by a community of people passionate about Social Entrepreneurship, Innovation and the web. The aim of Makesense is to help social entrepreneurs solve their challenges and succeed in reaching their social and/or environmental goals. In that way, we can create a better world together, by helping initiatives and social businesses that aim to have a positive impact and solve pressing social and environmental issues.


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