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One on one personal help with receiving interns to your organisation, you only need to interview and decide who you want.

This is the full version of our talent service, the most intense, most helpful.

We will be with you for your entire path, and therefore payment is per intern received to your organisation.​

Winter time 400€ - without pre-interviews
Summer time 300€ - without pre-interviews
Recruitment Service with Pre-interview winter + summer time 500€
Additional package (20% up to 5, from 5 interns it´s 10%, 10 interns for free)

*Summer time: April - September

Winter time: October - March

**You can request for a discount for your organisation and we will evaluate your request. It is to our discretion to choose a discount


Intensive, well built, and complete workshop, which will give you all the tools & documents to start receiving applications, and subsequently interns, to your organisation​.


Maximum 10 organizations simultaneously

Up to 2 persons present per organisation 

7 hours which includes lunch and drinks.

First three early birds -> € 50* per organisation

Next 2 early birds -> € 75* per organisation

Late 5 birds -> € 100* per organisation

We create a great learning & working atmosphere, and explain to you all, step by step, how we to create your own system to bring interns to your organisation.

After each step was explained, you get the time to do it on your own, while we pass around and help, an actual workshop, yes !

You will leave with everything you need, and be ready to start reading applications and conducting interviews for which you will get help as well.


We help you on a very personal basis, and make sure you are on the right track.

You get everything you could get in a workshop, but one on one, with personal help, attention, and more than double the amount of hours.

€ 300* for 15 hours.

*Prices do not include 21% BTW tax

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