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The service comes to maintain your Instagram, FaceBook, & LinkedIn accounts
and keep them active. 
Active accounts are defined by number of posts.
1 post per week on LinkedIn, 2 on FaceBook, and 3 on Instagram, we define as ‘active’.
Below that - inactive, and more means ‘very active’, or ‘extremely active’.

ACTIVE - € 200* per month (€ 50* per week)

LinkedIn - 1 post per week

FaceBook - 2 posts per week

Instagram - 3 posts per week

VERY ACTIVE - € 400* per month

LinkedIn - 2 posts per week

FaceBook - 3 posts per week

Instagram - 5 posts per week

EXTREMELY ACTIVE - € 600* per month

LinkedIn - 3 posts per week

FaceBook - 4 posts per week

Instagram - 7 posts per week

The Content Itself

We will create a posting schedule for each of your social media platforms, depending on requirements and possibilities. In order to do this, we will require photos / videos and text to be emailed to us (text could be approximated, but the main ideas should be there).

Time frames are negotiable. We can also create the content for you, via photography and design, for these see our Design Service.


*Prices do not include 21% BTW

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